Past Events / Initiatives

Supported Initiatives to Date:
  • New t-shirts, singlets, and warm-ups for the Varsity wrestling team
  • Costs for Disney Duals – June 2017
  • Grant for Tyson Lane, to defray costs associated with All Ohio Wrestling Team – June 2017
  • Two $500 grants each for fostered wrestlers to purchase wrestling gear and equipment.
  • Grant to assist wrestlers’ families impacted by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
  • T-Shirts for 2017-18 wrestling team

Upcoming Events / Initiatives

December 2017:

  • Costs for December 2017 Team Duals

2-3 February 2018 – 1st Annual Kevin Popke Memorial Scholarship Boston Pork Butt Sale

  • To raise funds to increase the annual scholarship awards, #TeamPopke will sell smoked, vacuum packed Boston pork butts and deliver them to the Ippolito Tournament at Brandon High School on 3 Feb 18. Each pork butt will sell for $50, and is enough to feed a large family. After costs, 100% of proceeds will go to the annual scholarship fund.