The Kevin Foundation is an organization comprised of leaders and volunteers from all backgrounds. We provide support for Veterans and their families. We truly value their unique stories that make them not only special but different. The Kevin Popke Foundation stands against discrimination and unjust treatment of anyone based on race.

Last night we became aware that a Vice President of Liberty Manor, a Kevin Popke Foundation community partner, posted public comments that are offensive, hurtful and that do not align with our values. After internal discussions among leadership, we have decided to dissolve our professional relationship with Liberty Manor for Veterans effective immediately.

It is unacceptable that we continue to have people targeted for biased treatment based solely on the color of their skin. Today, more than ever, we must stand united with all people regardless of race, religion and background. We are committed to being champions of diversity and respect and have the same expectation for our community partners.

Who We Are

Our Mission

The Kevin Popke Foundation has two major lines of effort: support to local Veteran based charities and to the Brandon High School wrestling team. The focus reflects its namesake’s priorities: supporting our Nation’s Veterans and developing young men through wrestling.

The Foundation provides grants each year to select charities that focus on support to our Nation’s Veterans. In 2019, these grants provided funds to help homeless and paralyzed Veterans, as well as financial support to Special Operations families in crisis.

The Foundation supports Brandon High School’s team via grants, equipment purchases, and scholarships. It provides assistance to current and developing team members, and underprivileged wrestlers to attend out of area tournaments, including registration fees, travel expenses, and per diem costs.

Kevin Popke


The Kevin Popke Foundation was established as a way to honor the ideals and values of its namesake, Army 1SG Donald “Kevin” Popke, who was tragically killed by a distracted driver in 2016. Kevin, “50” to his friends, served his country for his entire adult life, retiring as a US Army First Sergeant and then as a Department of Defense contractor.

The Kevin Popke Foundation’s original focus was limited to supporting Brandon High School’s wrestling program; over the past 24 months, the charity provided three scholarships, new singlets and warm-ups, and provided funds to wrestlers to help with transportation, registration fees, and other costs associated with out of town tournaments. We remain committed to supporting the team and are planning for the 2020 Kevin Popke Memorial Scholarship presentation in June.